• TukuTuku

    Tsuku Tsuku - Notifies you just before arrival

    Won't miss your stop.

    The Best App For Apple Watch.


    This app was introduced in the Apple official website in Japan.


    An alarm goes off to notify you before you reach your destination.

    An alarm with notification is repeated up to a maximum of 50 times.

    An alarm is activated automatically.

    The ideal solution for moving around by train or bus.

    Notification with voice and alarm.
    Bluetooth earphones support.

    Widget support.

    【Feature in App Store】

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    "US AppStore Today Story - Tokyo: An App Lover’s Guide"
    “Best New App"
    " Watch OS 2 対応 おすすめ App とゲーム"

  • Features

    Won't miss your stop

    Notify you before your arrival in the move by train and bus.

    Notify you before arrival

    Notification with voice and alarm. Notification is repeated up to a maximum of 50 times. Bluetooth earphones support.

    Set your destination with radius

    To notify if you enter within a radius of destination.

    Set automatic alarm

    When you enter the selected area that has been set, the alarm will be activated automatically. It is possible to have the alarm be activated even without opening the app.


    You can have the widget display the status continuously. When the alarm has been set for the automatic alarm, the point on the widget change automatically.

  • Apple Watch


    On the Apple Watch it vibrates, making it even more convenient. We recommend that you enable the "Prominent Haptic" of "Sound & Haptics" in settings.


    You can check the status of the destination on the Dock at any time.

    Top Screen

    You can check the status of the destination and current location.


    Press firmly on the top screen to display the menu. Switch the alarm to ON/OFF or select destinations from the menu.

    Select Destination

    You can select a destination to be displayed in the top screen.

  • Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    Subway/Underground does not support.

    In places such as subways and tunnels where location information cannot be obtained, no notification will be received prior to arrival at the destination.


    Notification does not be sent before arrival.

    Please check the following settings.


    1. Please set to "Always" in the Settings of Location Service.


    2. Please enable Wi-Fi.

    If the Wi-Fi enable, accuracy of the location information will improve. Connection of the Wi-Fi spot is not required. Location Services uses a combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS to determine your location. For more information, please refer to the following link.


    3. Please enable Background App Refresh.

    If Settings> General> Background App Refresh is disabled, you cannot get the location information in the background.



    4. If you have selected a Battery saving of Tracking settings.

    If you always do not use other GPS tracking apps* you are tracking your location, you select Tracking location of Tracking settings. If you always are using other GPS tracking apps*, please improve the accuracy of the location information in that apps.
    *Other GPS tracking apps are such as Moves, SilentLog.



    5. If you have selected a Tracking location of Tracking settings.

    If you change the settings in the "Settings> Privacy> Location Services", App might stop your location tracking. In that case, to quit the app from Multitasking and you start it again.


    About Automatic Alarm

    Automatic alarm can be enable the destination of the alarm without launching the app. After you stop alarm, alarm of destination will be disabled. But if you pass by the selected area as Automatic alarm, the destination of the alarm will be enabled. For instance set the station that is closest to home, work, or school, and every time you pass by that place the alarm for the destination will be enabled automatically. You can also set the day of the week and time zone.

    About Tracking settings

    1. Battery saving

    • This app does not track your location. Obtains your location only after significant changes to avoid battery loss.
    • Can be enable the alarm of destination using the automatic alarm without launching this app.
    • App does not need to exist in Multitasking.
    • Most suitable if other GPS tracking apps* is always tracking your location.
    • If you are not using that apps, we recommend the setting of Tracking location.
    • This setting is possible to saving battery consumption in this app, but other GPS tracking apps* can not save battery.

    2. Tracking location

    • Your location is always being tracked during moving.
    • The accuracy of the notification will improve.
    • If you are traveling a long distance, battery loss may increase. 
      (About 4% of consumption of battery in the movement of about 30km by iPhone6.)
    • When you stop moving, this app will automatically stop tracking you.
    • To begin/resume tracking, the app must be launched.
    • App need to exist in Multitasking.
    • If the notification does not send before arrival or if you always do not use other GPS tracking apps*, please select this setting.
    • You can set Automatic alarm, but this setting is necessary to launch the app, convenience will be less.

    *These apps are such as Moves, SilentLog.


  • Privacy Policy

    This app does not send user information that can identify individuals to the outside. However, in order to improve the service of the app and statistics, analysis of usage status, we send operation information and device information to the following third party. This app conforms to the third party's privacy policy.

    ▼Google Analytics

    ▼Google Firebase

    ■Ads Serves

    In the App that serves ads, we serves the following third party ads. This App conforms to the third party's privacy policy.

    ▼Google AdMob

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